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Setting standards in disinfection.

Disinfectants Commission

Tested and Certified.

The Disinfectants Commission is committed to promoting public health. Its purpose is to ensure that only those disinfectant products are used which were found to be effective when tested according to up-to-date scientific methods. Also, adverse effects on the environment and human health – e.g. by inadequate usage – are to be avoided.

Working Groups.

The three Working Groups of the Commission deal with the requirements for the certification and listing of products, the elaboration of methods for certification of virucidal activity as well as questions related to practical disinfection. In addition, a steering committee for ring trials was installed.

Cooperating Societies.

The Commission cooperates with other specialist societies and organisations which are committed to promote public health and which send representatives to take part in meetings.

Contact the Disinfectants Commission.

The head office of the Disinfectants Commission is affiliated with the Institute for Hygiene and Public Health of Bonn University. You may also contact the Commission via the Service Center.