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Setting standards in disinfection.

Working Groups.

4+4 Working Group:
Requirements on Certification and Listing.

The working group „Requirements on Certification and Listing“ deals with all questions concerning the antimicrobial efficacy of chemical disinfectants, antiseptics and procedures which are listed in the VAH Disinfectants List.
The working group consists of four members each of VAH and IHO (German Industrial Association for Hygiene and Surface Protection). In addition, one representative of the Robert Koch-Institute as well as the Chairperson of the Disinfectant Commission and all members of the VAH Board of Directors may participate as guests. On average, there are four sessions per year.

The current members are (May 2023)
VAH: Dr. Christiansen, Dr. Gebel (Chair), Prof. Martiny, Prof. Vossebein
IHO: Ms. Bolten (Vice-Chair), Dr. Passvogel, Dr. Lenz, Dr. Schwemmer
RKI: K. Konrat, M.Sc. (guest)

Virucidal activity in the VAH List of Disinfectants.

This working group was founded in December of 2014. It consists of representatives from the Disinfectants Commission as well as the Committee for Disinfection of the DVV, German Association for the Control of Viral Diseases. Its objective is to actively promote the development of efficacy testing for virucidal activity under simulated-use conditions. In addition, it defines minimum requirements for listing virucidal products in the VAH List of Disinfectants.

Current members are (May 2023):
Priv-.Doz. Dr. Eggers (Chair), Dr. Gebel, Priv.-Doz. Dr. Hübner, K. Roesch, M.Sc., Prof. Dr. Rabenau, Dr. Rapp, Dr. Schwebke, Dr. Steinmann.

Applied Disinfection.

This working group was founded in September of 2015. The objective of this working group is the publication of user information for disinfection practices in a consensus with actual practitioners. User questions addressed to VAH form the basis for the selection of topics. However, rather than a FAQ section, which also exists (in German), this working group will deal with more complex issues. The information for users is meant to improve the efficacy of the complete disinfection process in medical settings as well as public institutions and also, e.g. in the event of caring for immunocompromised patients at home.
The working group consists of a group of up to 10 people. Apart from representatives from the Disinfectants Commission, representatives of other professional societies and public health authorities as well as practitioners contribute to these publications.

Current members are (May 2023):
Dr. Hornei (Chair), Priv.-Doz. Dr. Brandt , Priv.-Doz. Dr. Eggers, Dr. Gebel, Priv.-Doz. Dr. Gleich, O. Idt, B. Lindner, C. Ilschner, M.A. (Secretary), Dr. J. Tatzel, Prof. Suchomel, Dr. Schwabe.

VAH+VUP Laboratory Group.

The "VAH+VUP Laboratory Group" with representatives of the Disinfectants Commission, the reference laboratory of the VAH (Association for Applied Hygiene) and the VUP (Association of Independent Testing Laboratories) was founded in October 2022. The 15 participants have set themselves the goal of further optimizing, among other things, the standardized performance of efficacy tests, the preparation of VAH-compliant test reports and assessment reports, and the quality assurance of the VAH-approved testing laboratories within the existing framework established by the Disinfectants Commission, through a close and regular exchange between testing laboratories and the Disinfectants Commission. The group meets twice a year. The results of this work are included in the publications of the VAH Disinfectants Commission.

The current members are (as of October 2022)
Participants for the VAH: Dr. J. Gebel, K. Roesch M.Sc., Dr. med. B. Christiansen, Dr. M. Decius, Dipl.-Ing. M. Meckel, Priv.-Doz. Dr. M. Eggers, Dr. B. Hunsinger, MSc K. Konrat
Participants for the VUP: Dr. T. Koburger-Janßen, Dr. med. S. Werner, Dr. C. Hildebrandt, Dipl.-Ing. Dr. A. Sorger, Dipl.-Biol. H. Gabriel, Dipl.-Biol. A. Schlicht, A. Ulatowski M.Sc., Dr. F. H. Brill

Task force for ring trials.

Ring trials for quality control of test laboratories have been organised by VAH since 2009. There is an increasing awareness  of the relevance of participating in ring trials as a measure of quality assurance. On 11 September 2015 a task force was constituted which deals with planning and evaluating ring trials.

Current members are (May 2023):
K. Roesch, M.Sc. (Chair), Dr. Gebel, Dr. Hunsinger, Prof. Martiny, Dr. Schwebke, Dr. Walch