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VAH strives to make knowledge in test methodology as well as actual use of disinfectants available to all those involved with applied hygiene. VAH publishes communications, news and research articles and gives presentations on current topics of disinfectants testing.

The majority of these publications are in German and you will find them in the German section of this website. Selected publications are available in English.



VAH Publications.

Here you will find all publications and news which have been published in English in chronological order.

  • Up-to-date VAH List online database of VAH certified products
  • Requirements and Methods for VAH certification of chemical disinfection procedures (eBook, PDF file 2015).
  • Recommendations on the monitoring of critical control points for the use of dispensing systems for pre-moistened surface disinfectants wipes (PDF Download), 2012
  • Guideline for validation of manual cleaning and manual chemical disinfection of medical devices (joint publication by DGSV, DGKH, AKI, VAH) (PDF Download), 2013
  • Current Requirements and Methods for VAH-Certification of Chemical Disinfection Procedures (PDF Download), 2015
  • Equivalence of VAH and EN methods (PDF Download), 2016
  • List of Disinfectants Approved by the Association of Applied Hygiene (PDF Download), 2016
  • New Efficacy Spectrum “Limited Virucidal Activity PLUS” – what is that? (PDF Download), 2017
  • VAH Test Method 18 (sporicidal efficacy) (PDF Download), 2018
  • VAH Test Method 19 (sporicidal efficacy) (PDF Download), 2018
  • Quality marks of hand disinfectants (PDF Download), April 2020
  • Chlorine-based disinfectants: Requirements for VAH certification (PDF Download), May 2020
  • Joint expert statement: Ethanol is indispensable as active substance for hand disinfectants (PDF Download), December 2020
  • VAH-certification of chlorine-based surface disinfectants (PDF Download), May/June 2021
  • VAH-certification of non-alcohol-based hand disinfectants, (PDF Download), May 2021
  • VAH testing and listing of foams and sprays for surface disinfection (PDF Download), August 2021
  • Quality assurance of virucidal disinfectants and revised methods and requirements for VAH-certification published (PDF Download), November 2021
  • Requirements for VAH listing of surgical hand disinfectants (PDF Download), September 2021
  • Volume specification for VAH listing of hygienic hand disinfectants (PDF Download), November 2021
  • Testing disinfectants in accordance with the VAH Methods and Requirements for VAH certification and listing or testing in accordance with the European standards – what is the difference? (PDF Download), 17 August 2022
  • C. Jäkel. Quality criteria, efficacy tests and legal requirements for marketing for disinfectants for reprocessing medical devices (PDF Dowload), November 2022
  • Harmonization of the requirements for the virucidal activity of chemical surface disinfection procedures in the simulated-use test. 25 February 2023 (> PDF Download)
  • Update of Requirements for VAH-Certification and Listing of Virucidal Claims Including the New Spectrum ‘Virucidal Activity PLUS’ for Surface Disinfectants. 1 September 2023 (> PDF Download)

The complete list of VAH publications you will find in the German section

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