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VAH List of Disinfectants.

Approved, Certified and Listed.

The VAH List of Disinfectant is the standard reference for routine and targeted disinfection in medical and non-medical institutions. It is a unique, completely manufacturer-independent compilation of certified products for chemical disinfection for hand, skin, instruments, surfaces, textiles. These products do not only meet all European standards, but also the latest requirements of VAH and its cooperating professional associations. They were tested by accredited laboratories and approved by independent experts. Recommended in relevant guidelines by the German KRINKO.

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General Preface to the VAH List of Disinfectants

For Users.

Users are granted free access to the full version of the database-supported VAH List platform with detailed information on all certified products. All you need to do is

For Manufacturers.

For manufacturers (and distributors) of disinfectants the VAH List is the most important marketing tool for the end user. All VAH-certified disinfectants will be listed and published.

For Laboratories.

Laboratories which are specialized on efficacy testing of disinfectants will find important information on the performance of tests in this section.

Questions & Answers.

The Q&A section is currently available in German only. Selected publications are available in English here.