Efficacy in disinfection.


Experts in Disinfection.

The Association for Applied Hygiene is a recognized authority for quality assurance in prophylactic disinfection in Germany. VAH assesses and certifies disinfectants and publishes these products together with the most important information for use in its VAH List of Disinfectants.

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VAH List of Disinfectants.

The VAH List of Disinfectants contains all disinfectant procedures which have a certificate for efficacy issued by VAH. These products also meet all European standards. They were tested by accredited laboratories, approved by independent experts and recommended in national guidelines by the German KRINKO. It lists all products with their tested concentrations and contact times and provides guidance for use, explanatory notes of the test methods and requirements for VAH certification.

The regularly updated database-supported version is available in English free of charge.

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