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The VAH List for users.

Database-supported VAH List.

The database-supported VAH List of Disinfectants contains important information on all products which were certified by VAH. The VAH List is the basis for selecting effective disinfectants for use in hospitals, outpatient clinics and resident doctors’ or dentists’ offices as well as in public institutions and other areas where there is a risk for infection transmission. Users are granted free access to this website.

Users will benefit from features such as:

  • Continuous update of the database on the basis of VAH certification
  • Improved product search and usability
  • Many filter options such as selection of pathogens or activity spectrum
  • Convenient usage on mobile electronic devices such as smartphone and tablet
  • Compilation of multiple favourites lists

Your direct free access to the database of VAH-certified disinfectants
General Preface of the VAH Disinfectants List (2023 Print Edition) (PDF, NEU)